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1490422 | grc: 0.00000126 | btc: 3,584.98

About Biblepay

Biblepay is a coin being awarded for World Community Grid and Rosetta crunching.

Biblepay CPID Report
Withdraw / BBP exchanged to GRC
A pool poll was conducted with a result of 88% of respondants wanting BBP to be exchanged for GRC. The exchange will occur on SouthXEchange.

Biblepay Fees
The pool will need to charge a higher than normal fee for biblepay due to the masternode economics in play within their network. Biblepay requires 20BBP per RAC to achieve 100% PODC payout. This means the pool has put upfront some BBP in order to get decent payouts. This basis amount will be used to determine the fee as if it was running as a masternode on the network. The fee will be calculated at the time of payout based on the current network properties.

At the time of this writing, the PODC is at 60-70%. Fees will be used to get back the pool's initial investment as well as apply to the pool basis to help increase the PODC percentage.

For example looking at the first payout from the table below...

  • Days Staked - This is the number of days PODC was earned by the pools since its previous payout.
  • Pool Basis - This is the amount of pool owned BBP used to stake with and how many masternodes its worth.
  • PODC - The amount of PODC generated by the pool.
  • Network MNs - The number of ENABLED maternodes on the network and how much a MN can earn per day.
  • Pool MN Income - This is the amount of BBP the pool would have earned as a masternode.
    9 * 2200 * 35,666,134 / 1,550,001 = 455,605
  • Suggested Fee - Based on the potential masternode income, this is the suggested pool fee.
    455,605 / 1,472,701 = 30.93%
  • Payout - This is the amount of BBP sent to SouthXChange.
  • Actual Fee - This is the actual fee amount used by the pool for the payout.
  • % to PODC - This is the percentage of fee used to apply back to the BBP/RAC needed for more PODC.

Payout/Exchange Log

Date Days Staked Pool Basis PODC Network MNs Pool MN Income Sugg. Fee Payout Actual Fee % to PODC GRC
2018.12.17 6 37,347,519 BBP
24.09 MN
1,028,359 368
2100 bbp/day
303,598 29.52% 822,687 20% 100% 48139
2018.12.10 7 36,660,675 BBP
23.65 MN
1,181,825 349
2300 bbp/day
380,798 32.22% 945,460 20% 100% 55083
2018.12.03 9 35,666,134 BBP
23.01 MN
1,472,701 376
2200 bbp/day
455,605 30.93% 1,178,160 20% 100% 43,264

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