Pool 1 will be receiving 5600 GRC for WCG Byteball exchange.
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1253832 | grc: 0.00000516 | btc: 8,201.11

About Byteball

Byteball is a coin being awarded for World Community Grid crunching. The pool is participating in receiving the coin.

Byteball claims they will have daily payouts for WCG crunching, although with such small amounts daily pool payouts will be unlikely. You can check the pool balances via their block explorer:

WCG Report

Withdraw / GBYTE to GRC
At this time, due to the fractional payouts of the coin, I am exchanging the Byteball for GRC when I reach an amount of Byteball which is practical to do so. The exchanged GRC will get rained onto the Pools WCG crunchers.

Payout/Exchange Log

When Pool GBYTES GBYTE Rate GRC Rate GRC Rain
2018.05.07 1, 2, 3 2.7 (.9 each) ~0.02805150 ~0.00000536 14000
2018.05.15 2 1 ~0.02616490 ~0.00000545 4750
2018.05.21 1 1.25 ~0.02709748 ~0.00000530 5600

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