Staking Wallets
The staking wallets maintain the magnitude, receives the proof of research awards, and interest payments. At regular intervals, the balance of the staking wallet is checked and if it is found greater than its seeded balance, the excess is sent to the pool's hot wallet to generate an updated owed amount.

The pool's staking wallet address
  1. S9WAQXkBArw1gEPtwWp9DBtaZgv3tPw86M
  2. S3Ja2VShki7GMxurL4PmAMjpe7bcGS2xWe
  3. SBPLkruhGY6HZw3mikG9Vs7hFMWFKYyP1z
Hot Wallets
The hot wallets contain the necessary GRC to handle all owed GRC within the pool at any moment. Since the hot wallet does not stake or collect interest, there is no reason to hold GRC on the pool.

The pool's hot wallet address
  1. S4jG1nB6aWvQRGkK5upfxpXedAzXjb6DxN
  2. S2buxEkBvwoAHNiVVuug8eoDhwxDstuauW
  3. S3RGt4NqVWw2hnw1Xvvpxi3v2xBzMe4azA