DCC Alpha Stage is Complete
From the DCP Team: "Thank you for participating in our alpha program. January 9th 2019 will be the last time the alpha is updated, we will be leaving the website as is and continue allowing participants to withdraw their DCC."
DCC Token
DCC is a token being awarded for BOINC computation on the Ethereum network. Not all projects are supported by DCC, check the pool project status page to see what projects merge mine.

The pool receives DCC via their network website every 1-2 weeks. I manually send the DCC to an Ethereum address for storage and payouts.After the tokens are received, I reference the DCC website and update the amount received per project in the pool's database. This is a completely manual process of entering in the DCC amount for each project as there is no API. At this point, a process is triggered to distribute the tokens on a per project basis using your recent average credit to determine the number of tokens you receive. Then the owed amount is incremented within your account.