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1490412 | grc: 0.00000126 | btc: 3,579.01
This pool merge mines Gridcoin (GRC), ByteBall (GBYTE), Distributed Compute Credits (DCC), Bible Pay (BBP), and Neummanium depending on your project selection. The pool may auto exchange these coins/tokens to GRC.
  • BBP exchange/payout occurred today. 65,750 GRC is being distributed.

  • BBP exchange/payout occurred today. 48,139 GRC is being distributed.

  • BBP exchange/payout occurred today. 55,083 GRC is being distributed.

  • BBP poll for payout was 88% in favor of exchanging it. There will be a Byteball and BBP payout today.

  • WCG and Rosetta crunchers should see a poll at the top of the screen when logged in regarding how you would like to receive Biblepay.

Gridcoin Client

Last Superblock1489866
Superblock Age14 hours ago
Network Whitelist Count20

Pool Settings

Total Paid Out5,269,936 GRC
900,592 DCC
Pool Fee.005 GRC per payout
Min Pool Payout1 GRC
Pool Whitelist Count22

Pool Details

Pool # CPID Stats Netsoft Hosts + Projects Net Mag Pool Mag
1 7d0d7... 39,648 8,080 8,150
2 a914e... 42,482 7,880 7,846
3 163f0... 38,710 9,520 9,387
120,840 25,480 25,383

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